Being successful by overcoming fear

Overcoming fear

How fear gets in the way of being successful. What does ‘being successful’ mean to you?

As it will probably mean something else and have a different ring to it depending on the person

Business wise you will probably think of terms like earning a lot of money, being a market leader, or maybe having a senior position within the company you work for.

In your private life it may be something completely different.
Being happy for instance or healthy. Being with the person you love or living in your dream house.

It really doesn’t matter. The question that intrigues me lately is ‘does fear stand in our way of doing the things we really want to do?’

Does fear stand in the way of BEING YOU? Of really living life the way you want to. And make the most out of it.

And I think it does.

Having witnessed many discussion and being part of conversations. Most of us let fear be our (often unconsciously) guidance.
Fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, fear of uncertainty, fear of lack of money, and I could go on.

Overcome fear and be successful

You will act upon it and that’s a shame.
When you find a way to overcome fear you will live a whole different life.
Does this mean that fear will disappear?
It means that you recognise it for what it is, and move on, beyond the emotion.
And I believe that’s where you get into the zone of being successful in your life.

That’s where you start being you.

An interesting article on this by MJ Gottlieb